About Us



Concept2Creation was born of a passion for helping visionaries bring ideas to life.

In 2015, the founding partners realized there is a world full of great ideas that never get brought to market for lack of engineering backgrounds, time, and resources to bring them to fruition, so they went to work. Engaging with small businesses and entrepreneurs in their local communities to lend a hand in designing the next generation of products for an ever evolving world. So we got to work – bringing over 30 years of combined engineering experience across a multitude of industries and product segments together. Continually reinvesting to develop more and more in house capabilities such as additive manufacturing (3D Printing), laser scanning, high horsepower software for design, development, and simulation, CNC machining and much more. Concept2Creation is constantly investing and evolving to meet the demands of businesses and entrepreneurs all over North America.

Our ethos is to tailor the experience to be unique for every single client and project. Optimizing costs and timelines that exceed the goals, every single time. We strive to make these services accessible to startups and individuals that don’t have the resources of their industry competitors.

Our company culture is one built on relationships. We are all employee owned and have a passion to see our company grow and develop. We treat every client as a partner, investing in your success – because your success is our success. We strive to always be your first and last call when there’s a project to be brought to life, and if we can’t be your last call, we will always point you in a direction that will be best served to take care of your needs, at no cost. We are here for you as advisors, product development experts, low volume contract manufacturers, but most importantly – partners.



Our core team is a group of engineers and design specialists who develop products from a "first principles" theory and take it through commercialization and production.

Our team is compounded with an extensive network of contractors and suppliers that cover the widest breadths of any product driven industry. With Concept2Creation by your side, our entire network is at our backs- driving us forward as a team to successful execution of any project, of any scope.

A founding partner and Chief Executive Officer of Concept2Creation, Shant brings knowledge and experience from a wide array of areas. His knowledge ranges from attaining an ASE Master Certification to a Masters in Mechanical Engineering with emphasis in Simulation Driven Engineering and Biomolecular Nanofluidics. With a strong background in Mechanical Engineering and Design for Manufacturing, Shant has been a member of a Fortune 100 automotive company as well as multiple major commercial vehicle OEMs.
A founding partner and Chief Operations Officer, Nick further bolsters our team’s engineering excellence by bringing with him a wide set of engineering skills. As a Mechanical Engineer focused in project management, Nick has experience in leading teams of engineers, designers, sales, and purchasing agents towards a common goal. Nick comes from a career in industrial equipment and facilities design.
A founding partner and the Chief Financial Officer, Tyler brings a unique skillset of having a Mechanical Engineering degree and experience as well as having years of experience operating and programming CNC machines. His hands-on knowledge and skills bring a perspective which few other engineers have when designing for manufacturability and commercialization. Tyler comes from the commercial automotive space and specialized in design for manufacturability - a key consideration in any development initiative.
As our Chief Marketing Officer, Saman brings a strong background in Mechanical Engineering, Marketing, and Finance to our team at Concept2Creation. With experience in software solutions, product lifecycle management (PLM) and design, and most recently coming from a Fortune 100 company, Saman is a key member of our team. He has been instrumental to deliver our clients solutions that transcend beyond initial stages of product development and design.